Dr. Biswajit Mandal: A Dynamic Business Leader with a Multifaceted Journey

Dr. Biswajit Mandal is a seasoned business professional with over 8 years of diverse experience across various industries. His journey is marked by his exceptional leadership, profound business acumen, and a strong passion for driving growth and innovation. Throughout his career, he has made significant contributions in the fields of hospitality, healthcare, fitness, and cross-border collaboration.

Professional Chronology

2015 - 2018: Admin of Hotel Aditi Residency, New Digha Dr. Mandal's journey began as the Administrator of Hotel Aditi Residency, where he honed his skills in managing the intricacies of the hospitality industry. His commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences laid the foundation for his future roles.

2017 - 2019: Admin and Chief of Hotel P2, New Digha In this role, Dr. Mandal not only managed operations but also led as the Chief of Hotel P2. His ability to lead and inspire teams became evident as he navigated the challenges of the hotel industry with finesse.

2019 - Present: Chairman, Bollywood Film Academy, Banasree, Dhaka Dr. Mandal's passion for arts and fitness led him to establish the Bollywood Film Academy, a unique institution that combines dance and gymming. His visionary leadership transformed it into a hub of creativity and wellness.

2021 - Present: Chairman, Bollywood Fitness Club, Banani, Dhaka Recognizing the importance of health and fitness, Dr. Mandal founded the Bollywood Fitness Club. This endeavor not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also showcases his commitment to building communities centered around wellness.

2018 - 2020: CEO, Mandalkuli Health Point Hospital Dr. Mandal's foray into the healthcare sector as the CEO of Mandalkuli Health Point Hospital exemplifies his adaptability and eagerness to diversify his skill set. His leadership ensured quality healthcare delivery to the community.

2020 - 2023: Hotel Bigboss, New Digha As the Advisors and Marketing Chief of Hotel Bigboss, a 3-star hotel, Dr. Mandal demonstrated his strategic prowess in marketing and business advisory. His efforts contributed to the hotel's success and growth.

2023 - Present: Marketing Chief and Member, India-Bangladesh Friendship Club, Dhaka In his current role, Dr. Mandal is a bridge between nations, fostering collaboration and goodwill through his association with the India-Bangladesh Friendship Club. His international perspective and networking skills are invaluable.

Skill Set

Dr. Mandal's career is underpinned by a robust skill set:

  • Business Accounts: With 6 years of experience in managing business accounts, Dr. Mandal possesses a keen financial acumen that ensures sustainable growth.

  • High-End Marketing Planning: With 5 years of expertise in high-end marketing planning, he has consistently crafted effective marketing strategies that drive results.

  • Team Management: With 7 years of experience in team management, Dr. Mandal has shown an innate ability to inspire and lead teams to achieve common goals.

Dr. Biswajit Mandal's journey is a testament to his versatility, leadership, and unwavering commitment to excellence. His contributions across diverse industries have not only driven business growth but have also positively impacted communities and individuals. As he continues to pave his way as a dynamic business leader, his legacy of innovation and collaboration remains an inspiration to aspiring professionals.

Soumajit Mondal: A Versatile Maestro in Acting, Business, and Film Production

Soumajit Mondal is a remarkable individual who has seamlessly traversed the worlds of acting, business, and film production, amassing over 13 years of experience in acting and 8 years in diverse business ventures. His journey is a testament to his exceptional talents, entrepreneurial spirit, and unyielding commitment to excellence.

The Thespian

With over 13 years in the realm of acting, Soumajit Mondal's prowess on the stage and screen is undeniable. His performances have enthralled audiences and garnered critical acclaim, showcasing his dedication to his craft and his ability to breathe life into characters.

Business Titan

Soumajit's entrepreneurial journey is equally impressive:

  • Hotel Aditi Residency and Hotel P2 (2020 - Present): As an administrator and accountant for these prestigious hotels in New Digha, Soumajit's meticulous attention to detail and astute financial acumen have been crucial in ensuring their seamless operations.

  • Bollywood Film Academy (2019 - Present): In his role as Chief Marketing Officer, Soumajit has played a pivotal role in promoting the Bollywood Film Academy, a hub for dance and fitness in Banasree, Dhaka. His marketing expertise has contributed to its success.

  • Geetsangeet Camera House (2019 - Present): As CEO, Soumajit has overseen the operations of Geetsangeet Camera House, showcasing his expertise in both the business and technical aspects of photography equipment.

  • Geetsangeet Production Private Limited (2020 - Present): Serving as a Director, Soumajit's leadership has propelled the growth of this production company, leaving an indelible mark on the world of film and video content.

  • RANGAMATI MULTIPURPOSE COLD STORAGE EXPORT UNIT PRIVATE LIMITED (2022 - Present): As a Director, Soumajit's business acumen extends to cold storage and export, further diversifying his impressive portfolio.

  • Bollywood Fitness Club (2021 - Present): Soumajit's role as Chief Marketing Officer in this leading fitness center demonstrates his versatility in promoting wellness and healthy lifestyles.

  • Hotel Bigboss (2020 - 2023): His tenure as Advisors and Marketing Chief at this 3-star hotel in New Digha showcased his multifaceted approach to business management.

Crafting Business Success

  • Business Accounts (6 years): Soumajit's financial acumen is evident in his 6 years of experience managing business accounts, ensuring the financial health of various enterprises.

  • High-End Marketing Planning (5 years): His expertise in devising effective marketing strategies has been honed over 5 years, contributing significantly to business growth.

  • Film Production (2 years): Soumajit's 2-year experience in film production underscores his commitment to creating compelling visual narratives.

  • Pre and Post Production (4 years): His 4 years of experience in both pre and post production stages of filmmaking showcase his comprehensive understanding of the film industry.

Soumajit Mondal's journey is a tapestry woven with creativity, business acumen, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. His ability to seamlessly transition between acting, business leadership, and film production exemplifies his extraordinary versatility. As he continues to make his mark across industries, his legacy as a multifaceted visionary only continues to grow.